Diodestyl RMO with pingpong

This RMO simulates and sounds like an diode styl one. It is complete an anolg device buth build in a unique way.

What is „ping-pong“?

Put any signal there and your RMO is a switcher between ping-pong and Signal input and speed is controlled by Traeger. This produce very different and new sidebands. We call it a simple granular generator. It work with very low signals and produces textures for TwinPeak Fitler also. Supression ot Triggersiganl is more than 80dB!!

RMO with extra in

Ringmodulator from Klangbau Koeln

RMO with "pingpong"

Diode style RMO from Klangbauköln

RMO classic sound

Diode style RMO from Klangbauköln