Tube – VCA


A Tube is core of this VCA

this mini tube consumes not more energie as an average LED! It work well with +-12V and produces smooth tublike harmoics you expect. Audio 2 is normaliesed to output. Pusch extra energie to input to get harsh and nonharmoic distrotion, even subharmonic sounds are possible. Mode swith down is normal mode, up sets a bias and changes the behavior of tube to other sound spectra.

You can use it a an VCA and with stronger distrotion it behave like a dynamic controllable waveshaper, a bit like my wavefolder, but in a different sonic spectra.

aVCA-sw3 , Tube - VCATube - VCA


Inspired by Ken Stone.

Different frontpanel available, please ask!

50 mm deep, 9 TE/BE, +-10/20ma

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Tube – VCA