VC-controlled Triggerdelay


chaos modul

Logistische Gleichung

Triggerdelay spannungsgesteuert

CV controlled Triggerdelay von KlangbauKöln

Modul need a TriggerIN to work. With Delaytime you controll delayed TriggerOut. So far, but if there is a any CV in, delaytime is changing continously. In combination with my RND Modul (=Logistiche Gleichung)  you creat time variing pattern: This is the way out from strait pulses into the world of polyrythm. Try to patch

Tr-In (or normalised to 5V)

2x TrOut direkt form Tr-In

and TrOut with TrIn of RND

you get a simple pulsgenerator if there is nothing in CV-In. But connecting an Signal to CV-In you get chaning rythmic pattern. Patch two or more CV-contlrolled Triggerdelay to gether to produce real polymetrik figures.

Modul need +-12 – 15V and fit in a 3HE System, it comes with cabel to connect to the  power supply bus (Doepfer).

Ask for futher details.